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8 foot pool table that turns into 3 game tables including billiardsJM Billiard offers a modern line and a custom style of ROUND pool tables available in 6, 7 and 8" foot diameters. The Round pool table includes 6 pockets, slate/slatron,  and has B.C.A.(Billiards Congress of America) specifications  applied, where possible.

Whether you are looking to turn your game room into
a  modern, contemporary, or custom design...these
billiards pool tables/game tables can personalized to
  match any theme, sports team or existing furniiture

"Our intention is to make quality, unique, custom, pool tables that are a one of a kind and create a statement in any billiards room"
-The J.M. Billiard Company

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The 7" inch straight bank in the center of each rail!
 Making bank shots an ease on the round
pool table!

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Stay tuned for the newest  round pool tables which will be a poker pool table/billiards table. These game tables are only available for pre order at this current time.

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